Five Common Pressure Washer Issues

A pressure washer has become a common piece of equipment used by many businesses and households. If you’re thinking of buying a pressure washer then you’ll want a quality machine that’s also easy to use. Here HCC Airless Repair discusses five common issues people have with their pressure washers and a few tips on how to avoid them.

Water Leaks

One of the main common issues with pressure washers is leaking water. The majority of the time this is caused by expanding and splitting plastic components. When wintertime comes around, a lot of people don’t winterize their equipment. When moisture inside the components expands during the colder months, it can crack the plastic, further damaging your pressure washer. An old and worn-out pump can also be the cause of leaking water. To avoid this issue, drain your pressure washer before you put it up for the winter. You can buy replacement parts for the plastic components and pumps of some pressure washers. To see if they are available for your model be sure to check the manufacturer’s website.

Lance Failure

Another issue many face is the pressure washer lance failing to work properly. If there is no water coming out of the lance it might be that the nozzle is obstructed. If the lance itself is leaking water this is most likely due to splits in the plastic or a broken seal. Always check and make sure that your lance and nozzles are assembled properly before turning on the trigger to avoid straining the seals between them. To avoid lance failure be sure to store it properly when not in use. Avoid dropping it on the ground because a short drop can cause a potential break.

Low Water Pressure

A very common pressure washer issue is having low water pressure. There can be a number of problems that cause this issue. For instance, a blocked nozzle or inlet, inadequate water supply or even air in the inlet water supply hose or the pump. If the pressure is pulsing make sure the water supply is fully turned on and the hose is not squeezed or kinked. To avoid this run the pressure washer with an open spray handle and nozzle at low pressure until regular working pressure resumes. If the pressure is steady but low it can indicate a worn stop/start valve. Squeeze the trigger five times in quick succession to get it working again. If you have a worn-down nozzle, be sure to get it replaced ASAP.

Broken Seal

A broken seal goes along with the common issue of water leaks. This is normally caused by frozen water damage or just years of normal wear and tear. To avoid this from happening, be sure to drain all your lines and pumps of water to reduce the likelihood of something breaking. HCC Airless Repair has the skills and parts to replace any seals. Refer to your manual or online for specific parts.

Pump Failure

The last common issue for a pressure washer we will discuss is a failing pump. Damaged and broken pump components are the main reason for these issues. With that being said though, it could also be running the pump without the water flowing. This is something that can severely damage your pressure washer. To avoid a pump failure, properly use your machine correctly and make sure that the water is turned on and at the right pressure before running the pump.

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