Common Pressure Washing Water Pressure Issues

A pressure washer is a very useful piece of equipment that can be used to clean around your property. It can even remove paint or unwanted dirt and debris from your business or home. Making sure your pressure washer is working properly is vital to its success. Knowing common pressure washing water pressure issues and how to troubleshoot your equipment is an essential part of ownership. Learn more about common pressure washer issues from HCC Airless Repair.

Low Pressure

When you have low pressure coming from your pressure washer the most common cause is an insufficient water supply. The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to unhook your hose and make sure you have full water pressure coming from your tap. Another issue is you may have is a faulty unloader value. Lastly, make sure that the correct nozzle is being used. This can be a simple fix to a frustrating problem. If you experience any of these issues be sure to call HCC Airless Repair today.

No Pressure

If you have no pressure coming from your pressure washer, you may have a few different issues. First you may have a damaged unloader valve. The best way to determine if you need service is to check for damaged seals or springs. Another issue could be a damaged pump inlet valves or manifold. Be sure to call HCC Airless Repair to clean, replace or fix your pressure washer.

Pulsating Pressure

A pulsating pressure washer can mean a few different things. First check and see if you have a faulty pump or if there is trash inside the inlet valves. Unfortunately, if your pump breaks down, you will have to replace it. Before replacing it though, check and see if your pump is sucking in air. This extra air can cause your pressure washer to pulsate in a frustrating way. Also check to see if you have any obstructions in your nozzle, water inlet filter or spray wand. For fast and reliable cleaning and repair services be sure to call HCC Airless Repair.

Pressure Drops After A Few Seconds

This issue happens the majority of the time when the nozzle is blocked. The best thing you can do to resolve this common issue is to clear the nozzle of any dirt or debris that has built up over time. If you find that you have an issue with the unloader valve you’ll need to clean and repair it. If you have any issues or want a trusted and trained professional to help repair your pressure washer, give HCC Airless Repair a call.

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