Choosing The Right Airless Paint Sprayer

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Airless sprayers can be powered by a gas engine, electric motor, or air powered piston. Each type of airless paint sprayer has its advantages and disadvantages. HCC Airless details each option and why every type is unique to itself.

Electric Airless Sprayer

Electric airless sprayers are the most common type of airless paint sprayers used on the market. Due to how much paint they will supply, this makes electric sprayers one of the most cost effective options. The great thing about electric airless sprayers is that they are great to tackle large projects. With electric sprayers you don’t have to worry about running out of gas. However, the downside of electric airless is that you need electricity to power the machine. Also they are typically limited to 3300 PSI, making them less effective for thick paint coatings. Majority of the time, most contractors will have electric sprayers.

Gas Powered Airless Sprayers

Hydraulic Powered Sprayers – A hydraulic airless sprayer uses a gas engine to drive a hydraulic pump. This causes the hydraulic motor to move back and forth and power the pump up and down. This will suck the paint and transfer the fluid to the spray gun. The benefits of a hydraulic sprayer is that it can deliver greater performance both in gallons per minute (GPM) and in pressure. For thick coatings or for pushing coatings long distances, a gas hydraulic airless sprayer is your best option.

Standard Gas Powered Sprayers – A standard gas powered airless sprayer uses the gas motor to drive the sprayers fluid through the hose to the spray gun. These are generally less expensive compared to other hydraulic airless sprayers. A key downside is that they do not typically deliver as much material and don’t have as high of pressure. Because of this it can limit functionality when spraying heavy thick coatings on a surface. With that being said, gas powered airless sprayers typically offer higher GPM options, higher potential pressures, and do not require a power source. If you are working a job without power this kind of sprayer is your best option.

Air Powered Airless Sprayers

Air powered airless sprayers utilize air to move paint through the hose to the spray gun. These sprayers can offer high pressures and fluid deliver options, ranging up to 9000 PSI in pressure. Additionally, they can be a cost effective way to spray thick coatings like roof coatings. The main downsides to air powered airless sprayers include that you need a compressed air source, which means you may need additional equipment on a job site to be able to use one. However, if you have a compressor in a manufacturing plant or use a compressor for other job site work, they can be a cost effective way to get a high performance airless paint sprayer.

Your Airless Paint Sprayer Provider

HCC Airless Repair is your paint sprayer and pressure washer repair shop. Located in Villa Rica, we service all types of sprayer equipment including Graco, Honda, Titan, Subaru, and more. We know how important your paint and pressure washer equipment is to your business and will help get you back in the field to service your clients as quickly as possible. Call HCC Airless Repair for all your sprayer equipment repair needs.


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